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Designing a better future fot Shibuya
It's unfortunate that in Japan, the term "toshi-saisei (urban regeneration)" has come to refer to one-off mega-projects serving as emergency economic measures and confined to certain districts, when strictly speaking urban regeneration is an issue of long-term, wide-ranging implications that has gradually come to light in the trend toward de-industrialization and the creation of a more sustainable society that every advanced industrial nation has had to confront since the 1970s.

Conceived in 2002 as a local proposal to counter moves toward "toshi-saisei" taking place in and around Shibuya Station, Shibuya Common has evolved into a venture offering information on Shibuya Station and the Shibuya neighborhood not only to the local populace, but to the many people in the wider community for whom the streets of Shibuya form part of everyday living, encouraging these people to join us in contemplating a better future for the district.

It's difficult to imagine however what that future might be. We therefore set up a landscape simulator (dubbed the Shibuya Simulator) allowing us to simulate various versions of Shibuya Station and its precincts, and came up with two futures: Future A, the standard image of station redevelopment in Japan today consisting of high-rise buildings and pedestrian decks; and an alternative: Future B.

The Shibuya Common site also features a bulletin board (in Japanese) with a write-on map, and other boards for different topics. Feel free to browse among these to find the most effective way to present your comments and suggestions regarding Shibuya Station and the Shibuya neighborhood, their future, and this site.
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